New York Yeshiva League

High School Science Olympiad

Sponsored by

The Jewish Education Project (formerly BJE-NY)


Lander College for Men


March 6, 2011



 Lander College for Men

75-31 150th Street

Kew Gardens Hills, NY




The Olympiad events will begin at 10 AM, but teams should plan to arrive by 9:30 AM.


General Information and Guidelines for Establishing a Science Olympiad Team

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Events for 2011

Schedule (updated 2/27/11, with room assignments)

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Science Olympiad Code of Conduct

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General Information and guidelines for establishing your team:


This program will test your students’ abilities in ways that are not often tested in the classroom. The building skills required for some of these events may challenge your students as they have not been challenged before. Some of the Olympiad events will require the application of science that is learned in the classroom to situations that have applications beyond the school walls.


The Science Olympiad is a national program and through the efforts of BJE-NY students in day schools and yeshivas in the New York Metropolitan area are able to participate in their own Olympiad. Information about the National Organization can be found at their web site,, and information about the New York State Science Olympiad can be found at their web site, 


To establish your team:


·        Each team consists of fifteen students, grades 9 – 12, with a maximum of seven (7) 12th graders. (All team members must be registered students at your school.)

·        In addition to the fifteen team members, each school may bring two additional students to serve as “team managers”.

·        Each school is required to provide two coaches on the day of the Olympiad. These coaches will be assigned to run, or assist with running, the events at the Olympiad. In addition, it is highly recommended that at least one other adult (teacher, administrator, or parent) accompany the team to assist with supervision of the team during the day.

·        Only event supervisors and participating students will be permitted to enter event rooms. Visitors and spectators will be permitted to view the testing of open events.

What to do if you have questions about the Yeshiva Science Olympiad:


If your team has a question about any aspect of the Yeshiva Science Olympiad, send a detailed question by e-mail message to

Answers to questions of general interest will be posted on this web page.


Contact Person at The Jewish Education Project (BJE-NY) is Judy Oppenheim (646 472 5300)


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